Summer Internship at the International Cooperation Department


The Staff Member at the International Cooperation and Protocol Division of the Central Bank is responsible for fostering international relationships and ensuring the smooth execution of protocol duties. This role involves policy analysis, coordination of international projects, and managing official events and visits, requiring strong analytical, communication, and organizational skills.

Job duties:

1. Policy Analysis and Development:

   - Analyzing international economic trends and developments.

   - Assisting in the development of policies related to international finance and cooperation.

2. Liaison and Representation:

   - Acting as a liaison between the Central Bank and international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and other central banks.

   - Representing the Central Bank at international meetings, conferences, and forums.

3. Coordination of International Projects:

   - Coordinating international cooperation projects and initiatives.

   - Managing joint research projects and collaborative programs with other central banks and financial institutions.

4. Drafting and Reviewing Agreements:

   - Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating international agreements and memoranda of understanding (MoUs).

   - Ensuring compliance with international standards and agreements.

5. Communication and Reporting:

   - Preparing reports, policy briefs, and presentations on international economic issues and cooperation activities.

   - Communicating the Central Bank's policies and positions to international stakeholders.

6. Advisory and Support Roles:

   - Providing advice and support to senior management on international economic and financial matters.

   - Assisting in the preparation of briefing materials for meetings with international counterparts.

7. Monitoring and Compliance:

   - Monitoring international regulatory developments and ensuring that the Central Bank's activities comply with global standards.

   - Assessing the implications of international financial regulations and standards on the domestic financial system.

8. Cultural and Diplomatic Engagement:

    - Building and maintaining relationships with international stakeholders through diplomatic engagement.

    - Promoting mutual understanding and cooperation through cultural and professional exchanges.

9. Event Planning and Coordination:

    - Organizing and coordinating official events, meetings, conferences, and visits involving international dignitaries, central bank officials, and other stakeholders.

    - Ensuring all logistical arrangements, including travel, accommodation, and transportation, are efficiently managed.

10. Protocol Management:

    - Developing and maintaining protocol guidelines and procedures to ensure proper conduct during official events and interactions.

    - Advising staff and senior management on protocol matters, including etiquette, order of precedence, and diplomatic customs.

11. Ceremonial Duties:

    - Organizing and overseeing ceremonial aspects of official events, such as flag ceremonies, formal receptions, and award presentations.

    - Ensuring adherence to protocol standards during ceremonies and official functions.

12. Documentation and Record Keeping:

    - Preparing and managing official correspondence, invitations, and other protocol-related documents.

    - Maintaining records of official visits, events, and international engagements.

13. Hospitality Management:

    - Coordinating hospitality arrangements for international guests, including catering, cultural programs, and entertainment.

    - Ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of international visitors during their stay.

14. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness:

    - Providing training and guidance to staff on cultural norms and practices relevant to international visitors.

    - Ensuring that cultural sensitivities are respected and appropriately addressed during interactions and events.

15. Feedback and Continuous Improvement:

    - Gathering feedback from international visitors and stakeholders to improve protocol services.

    - Continuously updating and refining protocol procedures to align with best practices and evolving standards.


1. Economic and Financial Knowledge:

   - Understanding of international economics, monetary policy, and financial markets.

   - Knowledge of central banking operations and financial regulations.

2. Analytical Skills:

   - Ability to analyze economic data, financial reports, and policy impacts.

   - Proficiency in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

3. Communication Skills:

   - Strong written and verbal communication skills for drafting reports, policy briefs, and correspondence.

   - Ability to communicate complex financial concepts to diverse audiences.

4. Language Proficiency:

   - Fluency in English and possibly other major languages (e.g., French, Spanish, Chinese) depending on the regions of cooperation.

5. Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills:

   - Ability to build and maintain relationships with international counterparts and stakeholders.

   - Negotiation skills for discussions with other central banks, international organizations, and financial institutions.

6. Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity:

   - Understanding of cultural differences and the ability to work effectively in diverse environments.

   - Respect for different cultural practices and norms.

7. Project Management:

   - Skills in managing international projects, including planning, execution, and evaluation.

   - Ability to coordinate and lead international cooperation initiatives and programs.

8. Research Skills:

   - Proficiency in conducting economic and financial research.

   - Ability to stay updated on global economic trends and developments.

9. Technical Skills:

   - Familiarity with economic modeling software, statistical tools, and data analysis programs.

   - Competence in using office software (e.g., Microsoft Office) and communication tools.

10. Legal and Regulatory Knowledge:

    - Understanding of international financial laws, regulations, and standards.

    - Knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements related to international banking operations.

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