Month of Top Companies

08 FEBRUARY 2023

We are glad to share with you that Career Development Centre conducted series of guest lectures with representatives of Toyota, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, EY, AlifTech, International Beverages Tashkent and PraeLegal within the Month of Top Companies at WIUT project! During the whole month students and alumni had a chance to develop and improve their professional skills, increase awareness of operational processes of the leading companies in Uzbekistan, to have an open talk with top management of the organizations as well as to discover employment opportunities for themselves! We really hope that it was beneficial for all of you and would be glad if you could share your feedback with us! Career Development Centre’s Team expresses gratitude for all of the above-mentioned partner-companies for their support and contribution towards the development of professional and practical skills of WIUT students and alumni!

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